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Gina Dooley is
your best friend

Gina Dooley with Coco Miller, left, and Scout Miller

Gina Dooley is your best friend

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Griffin Miller was desperate to find help for his wife Carly and save his unborn twins. He picked up the phone to call the Colorado Fetal Care Center.

The phone rang and Gina Dooley, the center's program assistant, answered. "Everything will be okay," she assured Griffin. "We're going to take care of you."

Carly's doctor in Utah had just diagnosed her fetuses with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (the twins share a placenta and one twin gives his or her nutrients to the other), a life-threatening condition. Treatment often requires advanced fetal surgery, which few surgeons perform. Griffin and Carly had contacted a program in San Francisco but felt uneasy when they spoke.

When Gina answered Griffin's call, he remembers knowing immediately they had found the right place. It was as if Gina had no other patients, that the Miller's were her top priority at all times. She planned their visit to Colorado, from flights to hotels to ultrasounds to an appointment with Dr. Tim Crombleholme*, one of the best fetal surgeons in the world.

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Gina will tell you that she believes in Dr. Crombleholme, that if it were her baby, this is where she would want to be. Her conviction and warmth transform her from a program assistant to that person you call in the night, the first one to hear your news, the one whose word you trust over most others.

"Gina really made you feel as if you were her friend that had come to the Colorado Fetal Care Center, not just a patient," Carly said. "She really made you feel welcomed and loved."

Carly gave birth to Coco and Scout Miller in December 2012, thanks to Dr. Crombleholme's successful surgery. Griffin, Carly, Coco and Scout reunited with Dr. Crombleholme and Gina, and other staff, in November 2013.

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*Timothy Crombleholme, M.D., Children's Colorado surgeon-in-chief and Director of the Colorado Fetal Care Center and the Colorado Institute for Maternal Fetal Health.

Gina Dooley with Coco Miller, left, and Scout Miller

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