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Hundreds of employees dressed up in Halloween costumes and danced to "Ghostbusters" for patients and visitors in the hospital's atrium on Oct. 31, 2013. Patients and visitors cheered on the dancers from the floors above.

Overwhelming participation in staff-led, fun hospital events illustrates why The Denver Post named it a top 10 large employer and a Top Workplace for 2013 (based on employee feedback).

"The truth is that my worst day at work here, is better than my best day at work anywhere else!"

– Jessica A. Novack BA, BSN-RN, Inpatient Service Specialist

"The truth is that everyone cares, from the check-in desk on the way in, everyone you see walking the halls and in the rooms, all the way to the valet on the way out."

– Gerard Frunzi, IT Systems Analyst

"If I could pause any moment in time at Children's Colorado it would be watching a father's face the first time he heard his son say "dad" using his Tobii (speech generating device)."

– Kate Totch, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

"One morning one of our patients was a third grader who was in the OR getting ready to get anesthesia before surgery. The anesthesiologist told the kid before she gave him his anesthetic, 'I'm going to give you some medicine and you won't remember a thing.' He looks at everyone around him in the OR and says, "Am I going to have to repeat third grade?'"

– Clarence Fontenot, Clinical Nurse III, Operating Room

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"If I could pause any moment in time at Children's Colorado it would be watching a parent be able to hold their infant for the first time. The normalcy and joy that come after the fear and pain of greeting their ill newborn is amazing."

– Marilyn Ann Willis, RNC, BSN|, CNIV, NICU

"The truth is simple: love, trust, compassion, effort. The one patient from 2013 I will never forget is David K. RIP."

– Caroline Boyd, Patient Service Coordinator

"I make my patients feel at home here by treating them like family. I treat my patients the way I treat my own children. You will often hear me calling my patients by pet names, such as 'cutie patootie,' 'sweetheart,' or even 'silly monkey.' I find true joy in working with the children that pass through my door."

– Lisa A. Powers, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical Coordinator

"If I could pause any moment in time at Children's Colorado it would be when I walked off the glass elevators in September and saw a kid wearing his Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween costume. He was just standing there staring at the ball machine. It made me smile and still does when I think about it (which is often when I walk by the ball machine). I love working at Children's Colorado. Even on days when all you see/hear is negative news, seeing the kids in the atrium running around or just enjoying life despite their health issues makes me appreciate what we do every day."

– Karen Regan, BSN, RN-BC, Clinical Nurse and Intake Coordinator

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